DOWNLOAD                                More details                                 Price: $18



Set up to 35 customized alarms with text notes, schedule to run any file, shutdown, restart, hibernate or logoff computer at specified time, automatically change wallpaper, take screenshots, backup file, check websites for updates...

DOWNLOAD                               More details                                 Price: $18

Asman Calendar Maker


Create and print your own  custom calendars from the year 2007 to 2099. Choose the background photo, background opacity, matrix background, fonts, colours and more...

DOWNLOAD                                More details                    FREE /  Price: 3 €

Asman QuickRun 3.8


Desktop file launcher with 26 buttons and up to 208 shortcuts locations, that can be ordered by categories. You can change color theme from eight predefined themes. The software include options like sound effects and...

DOWNLOAD                               More details                                         FREE

Asman SubMaker 3.0


You can create subtitles easy (SUB—MicroDVD format) by using this program.

 DOWNLOAD                                                                                                FREE

Lotto Numbers Generator


6/49 Lotto number generator and randomizer.

DOWNLOAD                             More details                                Price: 14 €

Asman Yahoo Notepad Capturer


Extract and save all your Yahoo Notepad notes automatically after you log in.

The application will copy the text displayed on the Internet Explorer browser.

DOWNLOAD                            More details                                    Price: $14.99

Winamp Bookmarks Recovery   /   Easy mp3 organizer


Winamp Bookmarks Recovery can help you to recover your lost mp3 songs
from bookmark files, scan HDD and eventually save these songs, to a folder, mp3 player or memory stick.

Asman Desktop Virtual Christmas Tree


Animated virtual christmas tree for your desktop screen.

DOWNLOAD                            More details                                           FREE

Asman PhotoFun


Simple photo editor recommended for kids or those who want to improve their pictures, but did not know how to use advanced photo editing software. The program allows adding items over your images, add text, brightness, ...

DOWNLOAD                            More details                                       Price: $14

Asman Raffle Randomizer


This program can import raffle participants from a text file and choose winners randomly.The software has implemented a complex system that can pick winners truly random. Great tool for selecting winners of raffles or contests.

DOWNLOAD                             More details                                    Price: $0

Asman NoteBook


Easy to use virtual notebook for writing notes, ideas, articles, bookmarks, passwords, your personal diary, etc. You can password protect it so that only you can view and edit pages in the notebook.

DOWNLOAD                             More details                                      FREE

Asman SpeedUp XP Pc 1.3

This tool will currently activate 18 safe to use XP tweaks, that will noticeably speed up your Windows XP computer ...

 DOWNLOAD                                More details                                       Price: $9      

Asman Search and Replace

This tool will quickly search for specified text in multiple files and replace it.

Supported files are: txt, htm, html,xml,rtf, sub, srt, php, csv

You can specify up to 70 case-sensitive words/phrases.

 DOWNLOAD                                More details                                     Price: $25

Asman  Task Management


Manage your to-do list, assign date reminders for individual tasks.

Asman Task Management it helps you focus on the single most important thing right now.   You’ll never lose track of your tasks again.

 DOWNLOAD                                More details                                     Price: $20

Trivia Host Screen 1.0


Use this application to organize your own Trivia show using two monitors.

 DOWNLOAD                                More details                                     Price: $45

Hiring Management 1.2


Manage customers rentals by storing all your product details in a single database for easy access with this simple software solution.

 DOWNLOAD                              More details                                     Price: $500

Simple Video Evidence Management


Software for law enforcement agencies.

 DOWNLOAD                                More details                                     Price: $45



Notify you by email, sound and pop-up message when there are new posts (made by the owner) on up to four Facebook groups.

 DOWNLOAD                                More details                                     Price: $10

Asman EXE Blocker


This tool will help people with intermediate or advanced computer skills to disable viruses from infected computers.

Software products listed on this website are developed by webmaster. is a legit website and ALL the applications are clean of any viruses or malware!

Download Asman programs only from this website or from other trusted sources.


Sometimes Antivirus scanner reports that a program is infected with a Virus or Trojan, even when the program is not really infected with any malicious code. This kind of problem is known as "False Positive".


Form your own judgment by using services such as Virus Total.

You can always check the asman applications with

 DOWNLOAD    >>                            More details                                     Price: $0

Internet Connection Checker 4.0


Check if you are connected to the Internet with this lightweight application.

DOWNLOAD                              More details                                               FREE 

Asman Info Desktop


Displays an electronic LED clock and international news on your pc desktop. Also, has an quick alarm function (2 minutes to 59 minutes timer). The application needs internet access to display world news on the desktop ...

 DOWNLOAD                                More details                                     Price: $5

MSD 0.9


If your laptop gets stolen, you will be able to track it with this application when the thief tries to connect to the Internet! This software will not guarantee catching the thief, but it may help providing useful data for the police.

  DOWNLOAD                              More details                                    Price:   $29     

Asman Email Extractor


With this program you can automatically extract all email addresses from any text document or web pages.

      DOWNLOAD                             More details                                  Price: $14.99

Traders Monitor


The application allows you to check stock data from multiple online sources, sorting and exporting data to csv or txt, limit the maximum and minimum prices.

 DOWNLOAD                                More details                                     Price: $10

Asman SpyCapture


This program can stealthily take up to 10 screenshots per minute and save them in any location from your local network. This is useful when

Descarca programul NEPA 1.2 (Notificare Expirare Polita Auto)

Cumpara NEPA cu numai 60 RON prin transfer bancar sau 15$ prin Paypal

Include ID-ul din program:

DOWNLOAD                           More details                                                     $3

 DOWNLOAD                                More details                                     Price: $50

Blast Emails Machine


Blast Emails Machine is a software program that allows you to send mail messages to multiple mailing lists.

 DOWNLOAD                                More details                                     Price: $3

Desktop LED Clock


Desktop LED Clock is a lightweight application that displays a large, colorful clock on your desktop with a timer alarm built-in.

 DOWNLOAD                                More details                                     Price: $10

Asman YMail Extractor


This application allows you to save your Yahoo emails

(Semi-Automatic) in your computer as txt or html files.

CSS Menu Builder

 DOWNLOAD                                More details                                     Price: $150

Asman Guest Booth


Graphical user interface software for photo booth.

Store and display restaurant table number searchable by guest name.

 DOWNLOAD                                More details                                     Price: $15

Asman Password Manager


Simple password manager with built-in password generator and

 Import / Export Database features. It also includes ...