Asman Virtual Christmas Tree                 License: Trial        Price:  $ 3         File Size: 1.67 MB    





Place a tastefully decorated and animated tree in any location on your screen.




Before ordering please try the demo version.






What is NEW in version  ( November, 18, 2017 )


- new option added: allow snow covered tree

- other adjustments to the software



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No Refund Policy   <<< Please read before purchase



After ordering you will receive your activation code in 48 hours or less (usual 6-12 hours).

If you have any questions, please contact me and i will answer.




Update history:


version 3.5

- option for snowing over the screen all the time or at idle

- now you can choose only one animation FX

- option for auto - shuffle ornaments colors

- the current version is no longer free

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