Hello, my name is Manuel (43 years old)

                                                           and this is my personal website.







 My hobbies :

- computers
- I like to shoot and edit videos

- I like all about science, science fiction, space exploration.

This website is online since 2005.

The “ASMAN” was a name formed by the words "Arnold Schwarzenegger Manuel" in year 1995


Arnold Schwarzenegger has been my childhood favorite actor.


On June 3, 2013 the old website domain ( http://www.asman.marte.ro ) has been changed to www.asman.ro


Text Box: If you want to collaborate (only serious and legal stuff), do not hesitate to contact me.


I have tried my best to create useful software and to detect and avoid bugs.

Please excuse the site appearance as i'm not a graphic designer and I can't afford to hire one.



Also, my software does not contain any malware or viruses.

Sometimes Antivirus scanner reports that a program is infected with a Virus or Trojan, even when the program is not really infected with any malicious code. This kind of problem is known as "False Positive".


When you have doubts, please check it with www.virustotal.com.

VirusTotal is a service that analyzes suspicious files and facilitates real-time detection of viruses,

worms, trojans and malware content with over 70 antivirus scanners.


Here is an interesting article about "False Positive" problem.

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