Asman Yahoo Notepad Capturer      License: Demo      Price: 14 €

File Size: 1,4 MB    



- Windows 2000, XP, Win7

- Internet Explorer 4.x or newer,

- Internet access

- 256 MB RAM, 1500 MHz CPU


~ Discontinued software ~

This software is no longer maintained.



Extract and save all your Yahoo Notepad notes automatically after you manually log in into your account.


If you are interested in saving emails in your PC, you can try  Asman YMail Extractor software.

What's New in Asman Yahoo Notepad Capturer ( June 8, 2013 )

• updated help information for Windows 7 OS

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   Because of the changes Yahoo made to it’s system ,

           this application won't work anymore!

No Refund Policy   <<< Please read before purchase



During or after purchase the product , please send your Software ID (found in software) to email

(view contact page), to receive your activation code and unlock the software.


Make sure to verify your unique Product ID twice to be correct, before sending your e-mail.


You will receive your activation code in 48 hours or less (usual 6-12 hours).

If you have any questions, please contact me and i will answer.

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