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Check if you are connected to the Internet with this lightweight application.

Once started, the software automatically checks the status of the Internet connection and displays a graphical and an audio alert, based on the results obtained.

You also have the option to enable log file.

What's New in Internet Connection Checker 4.0  ( November 6, 2017 )

High CPU usage in previous version— FIXED

Other improvements and bug fixes

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Please close the application before updating!


If you can't properly run the application in Windows 7 and later,

or the application window NOT stays on-top of your browser, please follow the following steps:


1. Right-click on the "Internet Connection Checker 3.3 SETUP.exe" file and select "Properties".

2. Select "Compatibility" tab, and MAKE SURE you select:

   "Run this program in compatibility mode for: Windows XP" AND "Run this program as an administrator" check-boxes.

3. In the "Security" tab, make sure the software has Full control permissions.

4. Click "Apply" button.

5. Click "OK"


Repeat the same steps for "Internet Connection Checker.exe"

from C:\Users\YOUR_USER_NAME\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup


To unistall the software, close the application and delete the file from startup.


IF the application won't signal correct (ONLINE) connectivity status,

please check your firewall settings - the app possible have not access permissions.




Sometimes Antivirus scanner reports that a program is infected with a Virus or Trojan,

even when the program is not really infected with any malicious code.

This kind of problem is known as "False Positive".

ALL the ASMAN applications are clean of any viruses or malware!


Form your own judgment by using services such as Virus Total.



This software will display ads (open 1 link) in your browser from time to time.


If you don't want ads, please donate minimum $1


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