Asman Search and Replace               License: DEMO    Price:  $ 9

File Size: 1,1 MB    



Minimum 1024*768 display resolution.







This standalone tool will quickly search for specified text in multiple files and replace it.

Supported files are: txt, htm, html,xml,rtf, sub, srt, php, csv, xlsx and more.


You can specify up to 70 case-sensitive words/phrases.

The application will auto-save the settings for later use.


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What is new in version    ( September 19, 2021 )

- Important Help notice added


What is new in version    ( April 23, 2018 )


- In previous versions you cannot  search / replace blank space ( bug fixed)

- In previous versions you canot save search & replace terms containig blank space ( bug fixed)


version 2.6    ( November 03, 2017 )


- any non-binary file is now supported

- when the user was making changes to the program settings, some they were applied only after the program restarted—bugs fixed



version 2.5    ( June 21, 2017 )


- incorrect display of list of files - bug was fixed

- added "Just search (NO REPLACE)" option

- added "REMOVE selected from list" option



version 2.2    ( May 12, 2017 )


- added an option to add increment to search and replace terms

- you can undo added increment to search and replace terms

- you can open a file from the list with double-click

- minor bug fixes



version 2.1    ( May 7, 2017 )


Bug fixes and improvements for creating temporary files and exiting application

Now the app accepts XLSX files



version 2.0    ( December 4, 2016 )


Check boxes can't be visually unchecked - BUG FIXED

Files are skipped from the search & replace list - BUG FIXED

Now the app accepts CSV files








1 license key is valid for 1 computer !  (you can receive discounts for buying multiple licenses)



No Refund Policy   <<< Please read before purchase



During or after purchase the product , please send your Software ID (found in software) to email

(view contact page), to receive your activation code and unlock the software.


Make sure to verify your unique Product ID twice to be correct, before sending your e-mail.


You will receive your activation code in 48 hours or less (usual 6-12 hours).

If you have any questions, please contact me and i will answer.

Include product ID:

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