Asman PhotoFun                                    License: FREE

File Size: 12,9 MB    




Intel/AMD 1,5 GHz,

512 MB, RAM,

Minimum 1024x768 display resolution



Simple photo editor recommended for kids or those who want to improve their pictures, but did not know how to use advanced photo editing software. The program allows adding items over your images, add text, brightness.


What's New in Asman PhotoFun ( March 18, 2015)

- zoom bug was fixed; - added keyboard shortcut (DEL) to delete objects; - added keyboard shortcuts to move main/background image; - added help information; - other improvements

What's New in Asman PhotoFun  ( March 17, 2015) Please uninstall before updating!   - this application is now FREEWARE  - 25 built-in pictures (public domain) added - enhanced text (the text can have two rows and shadow) - save picture bug was fixed - change aspect ratio option added - other changes and improvements

DOWNLOAD  site 1

DOWNLOAD  site 2

DOWNLOAD  site 3

DOWNLOAD  site 4

What's New in Asman PhotoFun ( June 06, 2016)

Please uninstall before updating!

- now  you can save pictures in higher resolution than 1024x768 pixels ( however you cannot save images in higher resolution than your current screen resolution ).

Known issues: You may not able to save on Windows 64-bit computers, very slow zoom function, very slow loading of high resolution images.

This app is not meant to be a general purpose image editor!

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