MSD 0.9             License: TRIAL               Price: $5

File Size: 6 MB    



PC, notebook or laptop (this software is available ONLY for devices with WINDOWS)

Internet connection

Installed webcam

One Gmail account ready


~ Discontinued software ~

This software is no longer maintained.

If your laptop/notebook gets stolen, you will be able to track it with this application when the thief tries to connect to the Internet!

This software will not guarantee catching the thief, but it may help providing useful data for the police.

The application name hides the software’s true purpose so the thief will not suspect anything.


This application will send various data to your email address, like current date and time, IP address, webcam snapshots and screenshots.

When the thief turns on the notebook, the webcam snapshots and screenshots will be taken only when he/she is in front of the computer and moves the mouse.

If the thief reinstalls Windows and out of curiosity starts any program components, the surveillance will activate itself and start right away.

After getting enough informations, you can also send a message to the thief (this require to contact the software author – email me for details).

To be able to receive all the informations (ip, webcam snapshots and screenshots), you need 1 Gmail account (the password for this email account must contain only alphanumeric characters).

What's New in MSD 0.9 ( February 18, 2014 )


NO DOWNLOAD link available   - Contact me for sending you a demo

Include product ID:

1 license key is valid for 1 computer !  (you can receive discounts for buying multiple licenses)



No Refund Policy   <<< Please read before purchase



During or after purchase the product , please send your Software ID (found in software) to email

(view contact page), to receive your activation code and unlock the software.


Make sure to verify your unique Product ID twice to be correct, before sending your e-mail.


You will receive your activation code in 48 hours or less (usual 6-12 hours).

If you have any questions, please contact me and i will answer.

ONLY $5 ( one payment - NO yearly subscription needed and you will get free updates! )

                                   Please test this software before ordering!  There will be no refunds!

This software is developed for a specific purpose, to spy a potential thief and because of this, the application can be detected as a virus!

I can assure you that the application does only what is specified in description.


A malicious person can always use this application for immoral purposes, to spy on other people, but this is not the purpose of this software.

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