Asman NoteBook                              License: Trial                 Price:  $9

File Size: 2,3 MB    




Windows 2000, Windows XP, Win7

Hardware requirements:

Intel/AMD 900 MHz,

128MB, RAM,

Minimum 1024x768 display resolution




Easy to use virtual notebook for writing notes, ideas, articles,

bookmarks, passwords, your personal diary, etc.

You can write an unlimited number of pages, each page having it's own font,

color and background.

You can password protect it so that only you can view and edit pages in the notebook.

Optionally, you can set to automatically lock your notebook after a certain period when you're not in front of the computer.

The searching system is fast, but currently has a limit of 23 results.

If you have multiple pages that contain searched word, try searching for a word or two consecutive words that you think are found only in the page you are looking for.



What's New in Asman NoteBook ( July 28, 2019)

- now you can also change the contents background color and titles color

- changed window height size from 768 to 720 to fit in laptops with lower screen resolution

- now the user is warned if the current pin is 0000

- updated internal error messges and help documentation

- now the help button works when app is used as portable

- improved license registration system

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Please include the Product ID

1 license key is valid for 1 computer !  (you can receive discounts for buying multiple licenses)



No Refund Policy   <<< Please read before purchase



During or after purchase the product , please send your Software ID (found in software) to email

(view contact page), to receive your activation code and unlock the software.


Make sure to verify your unique Product ID twice to be correct, before sending your e-mail.


You will receive your activation code in 48 hours or less (usual 6-12 hours).

If you have any questions, please contact me and i will answer.



VERSION History:


Asman NoteBook ( February 19, 2019)

Now you must enter current password to be able to change the pin code

Increased application window size from 800x600 to 1024x768



Asman NoteBook 2.5.3  ( November 19, 2016 )

- user have only 4 tries to enter "simple lock" pin before switching to high-security password screen.

- improved "simple lock" graphic + animation.

- improved setup for easy application update


Asman NoteBook 2.5.1  ( November 03, 2016 )

- auto-lock bug was fixed

- changed idle time from 3-8-13 to 3 minutes, 5 minutes and 10 minutes



Asman NoteBook 2.5 ( September 3, 2016 )

- added simple auto-lock with 4 digits access code

- display glitch when searching between main contents list and pages - bug fixed

- back & forward is active while editing a page - bug fixed


Asman NoteBook 2.4.4 ( June 12, 2014 )

- Ctrl+A and Ctrl+C shortcuts was added

What's New in Asman NoteBook  ( March 12, 2014 )

- the application tries to auto-focus in the password field even when the app is minimized and this behavior may lead to interferences with other applications - bug fixed

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